Celento C George

Founder at Stackraft, Imeyou and Celensoft. Entrepreneur, Computer Programmer and Designer

Coding since 10. Founded Celensoft in 2008 for the love of code. Initially focused on building websites later moved on to app development. Made a web browser named “Super Web” back in 2010 which was downloaded over a million times. Celensoft later became a Microsoft Certified Startup. Created several products under the name Celensoft for over 10 years many of which had a large userbase.

Co-founded Imeyou in 2016 for the love of connecting people. Became a Microsoft SP in 2017. Also built and maintained The BFF App, a decentralized online platform to ask & refer contacts.

Founded Stackraft, an AI-powered hiring platform in mid 2018 to help people discover the fact that they are more than just a resume.

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I was lucky enough to get featured on some of the leading publications. Here are a few.

Interests - Currently I'm focused mainly on ML which is primarily what I'm doing through my company Stackraft. My other interests include Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Cognitive CC and Big Data. I often delve into other hobbies such as music, game development and reading endlessly about aircrafts and astronomy.

Blog - I'm planning to get more into writing, mainly about my random thoughts and experiments. Currently the blog is barren, but will add more on the way.

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